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About us

“Just Book Croatia” is the destination management company for luxury & experiential travel in Croatia & beyond.

Specialized in organising team-buildings, tailor made travel experiences and private tours in Croatia but is always expanding and enhancing wide range of offers, as well as adding new and exciting itineraries.

Guaranteeing best hotel rates and amenities, utmost comfort in our private cars and motorboats and highest-rated guides and experiences, we make sure our clients get the best service on every step of their tour.

Our dedicated team of travel designers carefully crafts each trip, staying at clients’ disposal from the moment they start the planning process until they wave us goodbye. Valuing authenticity as the ultimate luxury, our insider’s access, enthusiasm and professionalism provide an unrivalled travel experience.


6 years of experience

For the last 5 years we are helping travellers find the best accommodation, yacht or simply help them organize ideal day in Croatia. Our offer is various and you can send us inquiry regarding your whole itinerary plan. 

Our Mission

  • To provide a warm, professional, and knowledgeable service to all clients, as well as to potential clientele.
  • We stand to offer an environmentally and socially conscious approach to tourism, hoping that in the future we help to create a comfortable relationship between the people of Croatia and the passionate traveler.
  • To have an ongoing aim to make our client’s lives a little happier through an encounter with Croatian Culture. We work hard with our clients because we enjoy working with their dreams of visiting Croatia…and soon bringing them to life.
  • Clients are our friends. It is our mission to bring forth a high quality of personality and trust, in turn creating an everlasting memory of Croatia. We help guide the traveler as a friend would guide a friend. Our objective in every case is to receive the testimonial letter that will bring the utmost satisfaction to our daily work environment. Word of mouth travels further than any advertisement, and creates a never ending chain of satisfied travelers

Our Philosophy

  • Our philosophy is that your vacations should be a time to forget your complex busy lives and rejuvenate yourself. There’s no better place than Croatia to do this ! Croatia will capture you, erase stress, stimulate senses, and send you home with priceless memories and pictures of an amazing variety of experiences.
  • We offer problem free Croatia vacations. Realizing your time and money are not unlimited, we work with you to
    supply a trip specific to your interests, desires, and sense of adventure. Our packages provide a basic structure; our experienced staff present suggestions and arrangements to make the trip uniquely yours.

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